Our Packaging

Step into the world of thoughtful presentation at The Aura. Explore the artful packaging that accompanies your jewelry, experience the personal touch of our handmade seals, and delight in the option to add special gift wrapping for an unforgettable gifting experience.


What Comes With Your Jewelry

With every purchased item, you'll receive a beautifully crafted piece of jewelry packaged either in box or a variation of a velvet pouch, keeping your precious accessory protected. Along with your purchase, you'll also receive a heartfelt thank you card to show our appreciation for your support.


Handmade Seal With Love

With every customized and DIY item, each piece is packaged in a box, adorned with a unique handmade seal on top. This seal serves as a heartfelt reminder of the love and sentiment behind your cherished jewelry.


Gift Wrapping

Enhance your gift-giving experience with our delightful add-on premium gift wrapping service. Each piece of chosen jewelry is placed in a gift box, meticulously wrapped with a beautiful ribbon, accompanied by our signature black paper bag. To add a personal touch, we include a blank message card for you to express your heartfelt sentiments. Elevate your gesture with an extra dose of love and thoughtfulness, creating a lasting impression on your loved ones.